Zash NFT intelligence


 NFT (conn:zash_sdk.connectors.Connector, chain:str='eth')

Access NFT intelligence, such as trades and collections

Type Default Details
conn Connector
chain str eth chain_id - currently only “eth” and “bnb” is allowed
Returns None


 NFT.trades (start_time:str, end_time:str='')
Type Default Details
start_time str start time in UTC. You can use shortcuts like today, yesterday or even clauses such as “1 day/week ago”.
end_time str default now. Same type as start_time
Returns DataFrame pandas dataframe with each row as a trade (query:dict)

Search collections by a query

Type Details
query dict Query object for example {“id”: “boredape”}

You can use this method to search for contract addresses:{'id': 'boredape'})[:3]
[{'id': 'boredapeyachtclub',
  'creator': '0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d'},
 {'id': 'qrboredape', 'creator': '0xd116bd9c552fce144f8982a16f4c0701e86cf136'},
 {'id': 'boredapelegsclub',
  'creator': '0x3aa36397519ac7874b17c1de91d84df8e11f1c87'}]